Monday, July 28, 2014

Woodstock Crafting and Life Musings

I started this blog entry about a week ago, and still hadn't quite gotten round to finishing it, and even today I nearly didn't. Like a lot of things at the moment I appear to be decidedly distracted, unmotivated and generally just feeling a little out of spirits. I keep thinking I am focused enough to work on a project but I'm not exactly feeling everything that I am doing. So you can say I've hit a creative block, but not at the same time. 

I say it's not a complete block as I have been crafting over the past fortnight to sort out my outfit for a friend's 30th birthday, which had the fab theme of Woodstock. Somewhat before my time but nothing like a fancy dress party. 

I ended up doing a combination of buying a few odds and sods, and upcycling a few others to put together a fairly reasonable attempt at looking like I belonged in 1969. Part of my attire came in the form of a lot of friendship bracelets, bright colours, beads and flares. 

I'm not sure how, as a kid, I managed to make loads of these and not feel the urge to fling them out of the window.....

Fabric looks familiar? Why, yes it is. It's the very same one I used for the Frida Cushion.

I have been trying to make myself work on my dragon stumpwork piece. I was so utterly thrilled to design, and even to start it but as the weeks have worn on, the progress has slowed and the feeling of not quite being in the zone is starting to feel a little overwhelming to the point today I realised my heart just isn't in it. So I finished off what I had started at the weekend, stitching stretched pleated organza over the felt that made up the padding for the body and packed it away. I will return to it, I hate having unfinished wips, especially ones of this detail. But at the moment I'm not sure when.

I think it does really stem down to not knowing what direction I want to go in, what would ultimately make me happy is really starting to effect everything I do. I'm not disappearing, I'll still be blogging and making, but if things over the coming weeks go in strange directions, I hope you can bear with me, till I find my way. Perhaps I'll sign up to one of those month long challenges, get back to painting or...well I don't know. 

This isn't the first nor will it be the last time I've hit one of these barriers, and I know I am not alone in even hitting them. Tomorrow might suddenly be that lightbulb moment and everything clicks into place.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Museums and Dragons

I'm pleased to say that I've had a rather successful weekend, not feeling so foggy of the mind, everything that I wanted to do, I've done. Feels good. Sometimes there is that worry if you make a plan to do something, especially at the weekend, it doesn't always go to plan. But largely speaking, for a change this weekend has gone the way I had hoped.

From getting all my housework completed on Friday night, to allow me then to nip up to London first thing to head straight to the Wallace Museum. I wanted to get up early before Oxford Street becomes completely impossible to navigate. And as it was a really sunny day it was going to bring everyone out. Which it did. 

If you've not heard of the Wallace Museum, you might have at least heard of one of it's most famous artworks, the Laughing Cavalier and the Swing. It's certainly not the biggest of the galleries or museums' in London but it's one of my favorites. I think this is largely because it's not as well known, it's easy to navigate and the collections are not overwhelming. That isn't to say it's not extensive, not at all. They have a beautiful collection of illuminated texts, Dutch paintings, miniatures, and arms and so forth. In the center, is a rather beautiful covered courtyard, perfect for a spot of afternoon tea. 

After a couple of hours of doodling and drinking tea, I nipped off to get some of my favourite popcorn from Selfridges, special treat. A quick drool session over the beautiful watches and jewellery then dodging all the tourists to get to my fave stationary shop in Covent Garden before heading home to pass not quite, was shattered though. A spot of stitching, milling about the flat, talking to friends in the States then I settled down to watch Grande Budapest Hotel, love Wes Anderson films, and pampering my rather tired feet. 

As for today?

Well more decorating, yeah the hallway...still not finished BUT I have now sanded down the woodwork ready for painting, hopefully next weekend. Hopefully.

I also cracked on with the Dragon stumpwork, and have finally got the embroidery part of the shield complete, I now just need to add a quick bit of ribbon detailing at the top, then I can crack on with the Dragon itself. Can't wait to crack on with the dragon, it will be made up of lots of different pieces, some of which I haven't fully decided on how they will be stitched, so nothing like a working progress!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hexies a Plenty


Yes, I am still here. 

I was going to write a post on Wednesday, I was mean too and was going too but then things sort of got in the way, was busy with family and life in general. But I am back. Today I actually sat down and did some proper stitching, feels so good. 

It's not to say I've not been stitching, if you follow me on other social platforms you'll see I've been somewhat suckered into the sweet life of Hexies. I think there must be some sort of medical condition for the compulsion to make hexies...

and keep on making them....

all the time and still not get bored??

Now these aren't just ordinary hexies, these are my uber cute hexie pouches. Originally made one for myself to hold my gum and mints in. Somewhat sick of the mint packets falling a part in my handbag. Also to curb the boredom of my commute. Then when with one made, another followed, then another and now I've made six, and put some up for sale over on Etsy, and now onto making a prototype pouch for a mirror....SEND HELP.

No, it's all right really. I really do love making them. It's nice way to break up a journey or two. It also helps to make a dent, albeit a small one, on my quilting fabric stash. 

As I said earlier I did also do some proper stitching, and that saw me return to working on the dragon embroidery. I have cut out, again, the felt pieces that will make up padding for the body of the dragon, and started the satin stitch on the shield part of the design. 

Body is in there somewhere.

It took five attempts or more, to get it to a point where I was happy with the direction of the stitching. I was in a very, very fussy mood today.

I now have a couple of weekends free so I can get cracking on it some more, in-between decorating the flat (hallway still not finished). My aim is to get the shield completely stitched, at least the areas I have padded. There will likely add more detail to the shield beyond what's been padded out but that's still to be worked out. I'll keep you posted!