Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Spring Days

I'm writing this blog post in a ridiculously good mood, singing along (badly) to radio, and once I've stopped writing I'll be sorting out a spot of dinner, speaking to my best mate and then getting back to stitching. I would say it's down to a combination of enjoying the sunshine pouring through the windows, buying more plants for the flat, and just enjoying what I am making. Sure this week hasn't gone to plan from dentist's costing an arm an leg, unexpected bills...too and this is the funniest thing, having a sparkie come out only to realise the lights that you thought were going in the hallway hadn't been ordered...because it was you that was meant to have done it. Yes, I felt like a right idiot. 

Not that it mattered cause at the end of the day my teeth are in good order, the bill will get paid and the lights whilst not up, are now ordered, and most of the prep work has been done. Oh, and a phone socket issue was also sorted out in the process. 

So what does it matter, these things are sent to try us but I am slowly learning to just go with the flow...ish. 

Anyway, enough of that waffle! I've made some pretty things, well one finished pretty, another is in the process:

Mia Mouse

This little Tilda mouse was made for a friend's god-daughter, the dress/apron gave me a bit of gip but it's come out well. Bright colours were a must for the little girl it's going to. Slightly tempted to make a coat or a blanket for it, perhaps I might if I have a moment over the Easter holidays.

Then afternoon, I started work on the monogram for a friend in the States. Starting with a bit of prep work then moving onto starting the trailing. I have to really think about the order I work the monogram in as there is a lot of over lapping. The lettering was designed by me and I've found myself doodling what the rest of the alphabet would look like. So chances are there might be more like in the future.

Getting smart-arse with the filters on Instagram...

Looks like an 'e' but really is a twiddly bit (technical term) at the end of the letter, finished with a tiny little tassel, to help it stand out from the rest of the gold trailing, I flecked in some of the blue I'll be using to work the main part of the letter in. 

It's not the only things I've been doing this weekend, there's been a lot of shifting about, perhaps its the need of wanting to spring clean has got me spirited to do it. I'll not complain, because whilst it lasts the flat is looking utterly smashing. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Very Happy Bee

This has certainly been a mad, entertaining sort of week, topped off with a really calm and lovely weekend (thus far - not over yet). From a drunk Glaswegian on the train trying to get weary commuters to join in with a rousing chorus of 'you canny kick your granny off the bus', to a sweet conversation with an old chap and his numerous charitable work. Yesterday was all about hanging out with my mum, purchasing a few little gems for the flat, and finishing off the latest pattern.

Now that I am nicely full of pancakes and bacon, I am pleased to announce the arrival of the newest pattern, which is now available to purchase and download:

I don't know about you, but every time I look at this little chap I can't help but smile, and I hope he makes makes you smile too. To purchase, click here to head straight over to my shop

What else is making me happy or rather what is starting to make me think a little differently about how to appreciate each day. I signed up for the 100 Happy Days, now it is one of those things where you can I am sure be a little cynical about it, and whether or not I make it to a 100 days will remain to be seen as I am sure there will be days ahead where I'll no doubt forget to do it...put it this way its only been in the last three years that I've gotten better about daily flossing and taking evening primrose tablets (got there in the end mum!) after ten years. 

If nothing else I've taken some pretty can follow my progress over on Instragram, and occasionally will share on Twitter (trying not to bombard folks). 

For the rest of Sunday, I have two commissioned pieces to start tackling, the personal monogram I mentioned the other week (will talk about that in more detail next weekend, when I'll be starting it), and the other sees me adding lettering to an existing piece. I've also got this bundle of fabric, purchased from Village Haberdashery to work with. Yummy!

  • Hothouse Flowers - Glass panes in pink and Seeds in Green
  • Kona Cotton Solids - Valentine and Lilac
  • Clover Sunshine - Snow Globe in Cream (not shown) and Kite Trail in Pink Red
A couple of things will come from this little lot, hopefully a hexi sketchbook cover and a little mouse for a little girl with a love for bright colours. Hopefully be starting both projects this afternoon.

What have you lot got planned today?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Party is over lets get back to crafting..


Yes, I have returned from nearly a fortnight's worth of birthday celebrations, nothing like making it last. Feeling thoroughly spoilt not just with the very thoughtful and amazing gifts I received but mostly because I got to spend it with all my family and friends. From afternoon teas to a weekend away to Edinburgh. 

Arthur's Seat - Didn't quite make it to the top..damn you vertigo!

Edinburgh Castle - Total must

Lots of fab views.

National Museum of Scotland - totally awesome set up, displays, general layout and exhibits

Had to bring back my very own Highland Cooo - Papercraft kit by Robin & Finch tempted to get a few more of their kits.

Absolute must! God I love Tunnock's caramels

All that fresh Scottish air makes me feel more refreshed (though I am pretty tired at the moment) and keen to get back to stitching and generally just pottering about playing with fabrics, pens and generally creating a mess. So this means that the next purchasable pattern is under way and is on track for its release in April. If all goes to plan it will be within the fortnight. I've been doodling a custom order design that's got me thinking about monograms again, and in turn I hope will inspire me to return to the more intricate embroidery design that's sitting on the desk behind me. Not that the design isn't inspiring just don't feel ready to tackle it.

Tiny golden bee at the top...naturally.

I do have a bit of an urge to make some more hexies...though until I know what the heck I am going to do with them (edit: have an idea for a sketchbook cover) I might just have to push that to one side. Though I do have a voucher for Village Haberdashery to spend and part of one of the gifts from a best mate and her mum was a pack of pre-cut hexie templates, along with fabric glue, a massive box of Earl Grey (that will keep me quiet for a couple of weeks), Party Rings (all gone :() and this most gorgeous, handmade bag to store my projects in:

So the excuse could be the bag made me do it....