Sunday, January 25, 2015

Charting New Courses

So my sample compass idea has progressed to what I think is near completion. A spot of less is more. I want to do more along this type of work, and a few ideas for custom work is still brewing away.

However, I am going to take a small break from 'charting' new courses, to start doodling new typography based ideas. Linen, and silk threads are calling to me in this idea.

If there is a quote or a saying that you love, share it with me I might well make it my next design.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Set Sails for New Projects on the Horizon

A new year, and new projects.

I've started to find my embroidery mojo once more. 

And the result of this new found energy is the start of a new project. 

Originally was just going to be a play about, to work out how I was going to do certain areas of the design but is slowly becoming I think probably at the very least a finished example piece for a range of custom items. But we'll see...I am just going to go with the flow on this one, and at the rate I am going stitching it I am sure it will end up being complete next weekend. 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Patchwork WIP and 2015 Projects

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all made it in one piece. 

I thought I would skip over a review of 2014 and just crack straight into what I've been stitching, cause frankly getting back to stitching and mucking about with fabric has really gone me into a happy place and got me in the zone for looking forward to 2015.

It feels so good to get back to stitching and working on projects that have had to put aside for months in order to concentrate on deadlines and so forth. The quilt I started last Christmas was brought out once more and I cracked on with putting together the last four blocks, tidied up the size so they were all an even 12" square, and then..finally started to add sashing! It really is satisfying that before I return to work next week that the major part of the quilt is finally, finally complete!

Mason Bee quilt

Working out the placement of the blocks...but changed it again before I machined the sashing on.

Ruby, Pearl and Opal Quilt designed by Corey Yoder

And as you can see the border is now on! Love, love it! It's not an overly complicated design but it's tested me for the first proper patchwork quilt I've put together. Really looking forward to sorting out the backing fabric, as I have so much of Petite Street Fabric and white left over there might be another larger patchworking on the back. Then I can get the wadding and then...then I can do some quilting. So excited. Okay, I know I wanted to get it done before this Christmas just gone, but still I feel fairly accomplished that I've got at least this far and from here on it's at least likely to get done by winter 2015 now.

It's not the only patchwork piece I've been turning my hand to, because I have a stupidly large stash of scrap fabric from the embroidery work last year, the quilt and so forth I like to every now and then just do a little hand sewn scrap quilt. No plan to it just going with the flow. In fact what started as a small square is now looking likely to be a long panel which I think might go in the bedroom to compliment the quilt. You can follow the progress of this here and over on instagram

I've also decided as this is the year to being creative as possible. Being creative makes me happy, and keeps me focused on that. So one thing I signed myself up for as a bit of a mini year long challenge is a project my friend Nini of Made By Nini has set up 12 page in 2015. I didn't stop and think as to whether or not to do it I just signed myself up and so not to backtrack on it I set about making my little 12 page journal. Rather cute if I do say my self and made completely from one box. The first prompt has been announced, 'New Beginnings, Friends and with a bonus of Washi Tape. I look forward to spending an afternoon working on my page. Again keep an eye on instagram. Oh, and if you are interested in participating, not to late to join, lots of folks from around the world are taken part.

Got a project your working on or planning to start?

I have some doodles in mind for future embroidery projects, as I am nearly ready to get back to doing some more intricate stitching.