Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Little Flower

A little flower sprouts a little bit of energy and motivation to get back into embroidery. Not done much in the way of intricate stitching for quite some time. As you will have noted that my blogging fluctuates with the posting, matching my mind set and projects. I've been working on getting myself out of the rut and looking after myself, first and forth most, and doing a little bit of what I love to do. 

To stop myself procrastinating about what I was going to stitch yesterday, I pulled out an old design, based on a Liberty fabric. Grabbed out the fabric and the colour threads I wanted to use, bright colours helping a lot to get this done, and just go on with it. 

It's tiny about an 1 1/2 in height. With padded satin leaves, back stitch stem, and a flower head incorporating trailing border, padded beadwork centre and little French Knots. I did it slowly over a course of an afternoon, maybe a few hours in total if that. I had no initial idea of what to do with it, frame it, turning into a part of a patchwork panel, or as my mind thinks about it, a wee little fabric covered box. I've not done one in an age. The mathematics to make one will certainly tick over a few grey cells.  

Monday, May 04, 2015

Fashion on the Ration Verdict

Yesterday, 3rd May, I headed up to London to join a good friend of mine, Laura Howard of BugsandFishes, to nip over to the Fashion on the Ration Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. A place I don't think I've been too since I was a kid, needless to say it's changed quite a bit since then. Especially given the major revamp which saw it close for a considerable amount of time to do it. 

Alas, as it was a paid for exhibition I don't have any photographs from the actual exhibit so you'll have to use your imagination, or pop over to the website to see a few snap shots. It certainly was very well laid out, and very interesting. I always was a sucker for a well tailored attire, and especially uniforms. You might recall in 2012 I went to Goodwood Revival which was an utter hoot and who doesn't love a spot of dressing up. 

Anyway, back to the exhibition. A very well curated collection of clothing and not just women's there was information on the demob suits and how men's clothing was adapted to use for the whole family. I think the only thing I found that they missed a trick on, was having live demonstrations of how clothing was adapted (there were a few videos but nothing beats seeing it in person), even the mending that was constantly talked about, how do you darn tights? I think that would have added an extra something to it, and perhaps even to entice kids into the whole make do and mend. Which I am sure some people see as just a passing fad, forgetting the realities of what people had endure during the second world war. Would we cope now? Not so sure, for one thing the clothing that many people purchase now, really wouldn't even survive to being mended or patched. 

Still, it was very interesting and easily navigated and viewed in a comfortable hour and a half. 

I also liked being able walk about the IWM again, especially the WW1 exhibition on the ground floor..or was it basement?

Been to any interesting exhibitions of late or is there one coming up you can't wait to see. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hexies Colouring In Pages

As you will have seen over the past couple of weeks, mostly on Instagram, I've got a Hexie project on the go. It's seemingly just happened after a very and so I really haven't a clue how its going to turn out. 

Rough doodle..

And this seemed to help get some clue as to where I was heading but the need to work out steps for further down line prompted me to whip up a quick colouring in page, and I have to say it's helping a treat. Whilst I still don't know what the outcome will be, at least with the colouring in pages it saves a whole lot of unpicking!

Want to play about with your own hexie design, or like me just love a spot of colouring in, you can download the templates here: