Sunday, March 01, 2015

Biscuits, Quilts and Tea

Another week has flown by, I was rather caught up with last minute decorating ahead of my carpet being fitted, more on that later. Feeling a little bit crook but at the same time determined to finish a longstanding project. I feel more energized of late to stitch and well do things. 

Get things done! 

  • The sheer relief of finishing a quilting project! Having started it, or at least gathered together all the fabric back in 2013, the quilt for my bedroom was completed last week. Can't say how bloody awesome it is to actually finish such a long project. The hand sewing the binding certainly took a lot of patience, as I was so ready for it to be done. And can I say why did I not get the Clover Wonder Clips sooner! But it is, at long last now adorning my bed. Which means I'll be getting ready soon to getting that room decorated. Speaking of decorating....

I love my little red and clear wonder clips, they are so freakin awesome and totally limit the amount of times I am normally stabbed with pins whilst sewing on bias binding!

Bob, I can see you.

  • My hallway is finally finished! Talk about a relief. The carpet was fitted, along with the laminate in the bathroom, yesterday morning. Knowing that one room(ish) is complete, and that I am now keen to crack on with the next project, which will be the bathroom is really great, and I think I have to say the spring sunshine is certainly helping with the motivation to get on. 

  • Other decorating based news. My biscuit collection is ever growing, the lovely designing talents of Nikki McWilliams has extended to these lovely range of foil letterpress designs, Jammie Dodger, Custard Cream and recently a copper Bourbon biscuit. Hard to resist. These will eventually be framed and will go on display in the livingroom. Hoping that there will be a party ring on the horizon. 

  • Got the idea for my next embroidery project, follows on from a mini quilt/patchwork which I am going to post about during the week, once I've properly completed (nearly there!). Let's just say, tea is featured. 
  • Things I am thinking about a lot lately: changing direction, closing Etsy store, getting rid of Facebook (company page) love Instagram more, focusing on making things for me but perhaps looking in more detail about what is I am making, and how I do it. Essentially, figuring out do I want to make to sell or simply just make? Perhaps the sunshine had woken up long dusty brain cells. What are you thinking about at the moment?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sun = Motivation

It was very much a weekend of doing...

- Learning to Drive continues on a pace. Reversing into a parking bay, think I've got that mastered.

- The hallway woodwork is nearly complete...yeah, slight issue with the paint has meant a slight change of plans, plain white gloss as apposed to grey (actually looks better), though that wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped, issue with the primer has seen me having to yet more sanding and prepping.

- Finally taking photographs of a finished piece of work. The colourful patchwork banner is now hanging up in my study, when the bedroom is done I think it will go in there, to match the patchwork quilt...

Patchwork Banner Masonbee

Close up of stitching Masonbee

- Bedroom Quilt is near ready for binding now! So excited. Ordered two colours, as I couldn't quite settle on either pink or mint. But heck, I might do both. The machine quilting is near complete, a few more bits but by the time the binding turns up next week I  hope to have it all done. Just itching to get the binding on and done! Then...well I can start thinking about the next one, right?

- I've done my February page for 12 Pages for 2015 project. The theme for this month was Boat, Broken with the bonus extra of using Watercolours. Spot of mucking about and I came up with a floating pinkish red watercoloured chipped teacup, floating on rough sea of torn paper. Simple, but fun. Added extra is that you can move the teacup about!

Cake was baked, housework was done, plenty of tea was drunk. Wistful thoughts on what projects to work on next, Mother's Day card made, and motivation to get myself going again. All in all a bloody good weekend. I have to say I think the sun that made it's brief appearances helped with the above.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Tidy Up and Exciting Adventures Booked

Tidying up and getting things in place seems to be the general theme of this weekend. From finally pulling my finger out and getting the last of the hallway decorating jobs done, it wasn't really a sudden desire more the case I actually got the carpet ordered. 
So the woodwork is sanded now (thank gawd for liquid sander), ahead of priming and painting next week. 

Trips galore booked with my best mate, because having things to look forward to is the best thing ever. Firstly, we are going to... 

HERE WE COME....Oh yeah, I am totally excited!

And, in July we are on a quilting trail which involves visiting three stores, with demos, goodie bags and cake. I will admit the latter swung it for me.

And, other than that it's working on projects again, picked up the little quilting patchwork panel, and have begun adding small details and tidying up. I am feeling that there is going to be a few embroidered details dotted about using the colours and the patterns from the fabric as inspiration. So probably cute little dots, flowers and simple shapes.

The compass piece I started is still about, just been musing on what I want to do with it still. But it will be making a return as soon as I get this blasted hallway finished....

So come on then, do you have any fab trips or adventures planned? Projects working on at the moment.