Sunday, April 05, 2015

A for Alphabet, B for Birthday....

C for Certainly been a full on fortnight between birthday, now Easter and projects. So here is a little round up of what I've been up too. 

  • You know my sneaky shots from my last blog post, well heck I finished it! I am so super happy with how this Alphabet display piece turned out. 26 individually stitched letters. Yes, in my favourite trailing stitch, think I need treatment for this addiction. Loved making it so much so that I want to do another one, and I will because I've already purchased another display rack. Thinking a different colour way and different stitch. Interested in purchasing, head over to Etsy

Q for...uhm...Queue? Qwerty...

Now you know your A, B, C' time...

  • Who knew about laminating fabric could be so much have a fab new mousemat! Go on, crack out that laminator.

  • What did I do for my birthday? Lots of hanging out with my family, yay! And double yay, as I went to the freakin' Harry Potter Studio. Cue feeling like a massive kid, and I was, so many small people...still it was so much fun. And totally worth the ticket price. Totally rode a broom, wore a Slytherin cloak, and bought a chocolate frog.

Sort of loving the pink ombre tiles...

Squee, Dumbledore's Office...

  • Enjoying the Easter break! Not one to like keep still or anything, I've been flicking between decorating my bathroom, which I can now say is finally complete! Huzzah. I do not want to see a paintbrush for a while. Eating chocolate has been the order of the day, as has drinking copious amounts of tea (duh), and stitching. Just flitting about playing about with things half finished. Like rather large 1 1/2 inch hexie's I had the fabric cut out for an age, and I really couldn't remember what the plan was, but heck I thought do something or put it away. So out came the lovely rainbow coloured threads again. When it's spring time, you just need to bust out the colours even when it's a grey, April day. Tomorrow there will be more working on this random project, and if it looks good I'll give you more of a heads up on how you can make a totally random hexi thing too! 

  • Think also get the Wonderland piece back out to see about getting that a little closer to finishing.  
  • Oh! I managed to give my website a little bit of love. Updated pictures, and tweaked the little store that's on that site too.
For now my dearies, I need tea and some more chocolate! Happy Easter xx

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trailing, Trailing, Trailing...


It's been in my head all week that line, as I crack on with yet another craft project, Wonderland is on hold at the moment as the sudden urge to stitch on the commute to work has overtaken it for the time being. Will be back on it very soon!

So what's up this week...
  • The closest I got to the eclipse was via the computer. I have to say, that the coverage was pretty good on the BBC website. 

  • Taken to stitching on the train once more as I've got a project, yes I've started another one, that I can carry about with me. I am not going to go into too much detail on it but you can see a few sneaky shots, and I am sure you can at least gather that the alphabet is involved. Or it's a name with an interesting spelling...Oh, and yes it's trailing. Okay, can't help it! Threads, in case you were interested are DMC white for the core thread, and over the top I am presently using cotton hand-dyed threads by Zoe Acketts, and also one colour is using vintage silk floss, brand unknown.

  • Got a little fidgety the other week, Sunday night wobbles, and so I found myself knocking up a little floating cloud with crystal raindrops, just to keep my hands busy. For once, the inspiration /mood board in my study/guest room came in handy. Wish I could tell you who to credit, but all I can say the instructions were in issue #32 of Mollie Makes, on page 62. That's it, as I ripped it out when I was having a clear out of old magazines. In those instructions they make it into a super cute mobile, but for me I just went for the one solitary cloud in uber wicked liberty print. Finally starting to cut into the Tana Lawn stash again.

  • It's my birthday next week, and whilst I run about the Harry Potter Studios, like a loon, I've decided to offer 31% off everything in my Etsy store. Simply use the following discount code: 31ROCKS.
Hope everyone is having a fab March. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Three F's and a T.

A hodge-podge sort of fortnight, full of threads, fabrics, flour and family. 

  • A random little patchwork project for no other reason than I fancied doing it. Started as a doodle, and then ended up as a near 12" square. Rather pleased with it too. If your wondering it's a quote from the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland. A quote I can get behind "It's Always Time for Tea". Here, here!

Mad Hatter Patchwork - Mason Bee

  • More thrifty finds - Went in search of shelving units for the bathroom and instead came back with some cheap reels of Sylko thread for my aunt, a rather lovely plain white linen table cloth for £9 and a thimble rack; no I haven't started collecting I have other plans for it.
  • I love, love, love Nigel's Lazy Loaf - Lives up to it's name. Second week I've made it now. I have found I had to play about with the amount of flour as Sainsbury's only sell Buttermilk in 300ml not the required 350ml. And I don't like to buy more than I need. So chopped down the flour to 175g and I think it's worked even better this week. Either way, it's super yummy....and toasts nicely too.

Nigel's Lazy Loaf - Mason Bee
  • More adventures into Wonderland - The quote that I featured on the little patchwork piece is back again, and this time I've decided to embroider it. Currently work in progress. 
 Tea Embroidery WIP (c) Mason Bee
Can never find my white tissue paper, so pale pink was used. I tend to find it easier stitching a rough outline on linen that can't be drawn onto, rather than using the prick, pounce and paint method. It's quicker, well for me, and less messy. If your interested in the other method, my good friend, Jen Goodwin, has an excellent tutorial. 

Trailing (c) Mason Bee

Of, course my favourite stitch is back, trailing for the win! And there is going to be quite a bit of it. Can't help it.

See, I told you there was going to be more! You can just make out the start of a clock, with multiple hands. 

  • Giving child marriage the finger! And you can too. Let children, be children. I have recently supported this campaign, and you can too. If you can't donate, but have a social media account, a blog even. Post a link to it. Spread the word.